Member of Most Excellent Order of the British Empire

Appointed MBE in 2005


NATO COMEDS Larrey Award 2014 

Awarded to Academic Department Military Surgery and Trauma during time I was a research fellow

BORS/BOTA Research Prize 2011

Awarded for best presentation at joint meeting BOA/IOA, Dublin 16th September 2011

Tri-service Surgical Society Prize 2006

Awarded for best presentation by a Basic Surgical Trainee at the annual meeting of the society 2006

Edmund Alexander Parkes Memorial Medal 2003 

Awarded for performance on Army Medical Officer Course

International presentations

HC Guthrie, KR Martin, C Taylor, A Spears, JC Clasper, SA Watts
Determining the clinical relevance of statistically significant changes in bacterial counts in a model of extremity war wounds.

ATACC/MHSRS Fort Lauderdale, Florida 2012
British Orthopaedic Association 2012

HC Guthrie, KR Martin, JC Clasper, SA Watts
Silver and Iodine dressings lower Staphylococcus aureus counts in a complex contaminated extremity war wound model.

British & Irish Orthopaedic Associations, Dublin 2011
Colt Foundation Prize meeting 2011

National Presentations

J Phadnis, O Templeton-Ward, H Guthrie
Does the pre-operative briefing improve patient safety? A complete audit cycle.
Combined Services Orthopaedic Society 2014

HC Guthrie
To Bastion and beyond.
Brighton Major Trauma Conference 2013

HC Guthrie
Battlefield, Bastion, Birmingham.
Professional Negligence Bar Association Conference 2013

HC Guthrie, KR Martin, C Taylor, A Spears, JC Clasper, SA Watts
Tissue Gene Expression and Cytokines in a model of extremity war wounds.

Combined Services Orthopaedic Society 2013.
British Orthopaedic Association 2012

HC Guthrie, JC Clasper
Basic science and evidence base for extremity war wound initial debridement, antibiotics, irrigation and dressings.
DMS Limb Trauma & Wounds working groups 2011 

H Guthrie, D Boardman, R Owens, R Mansouri, M Clarke, R Pearce, M Bircher
Validation of a ‘Sizing System’ for Pelvic and Acetabular Surgery
Combined Services Orthopaedic Society 2010

R Owens, H Guthrie, N Gougoulios, A Sakellariou
Morton’s Neuroma: Accuracy of clinical assessment.
British Orthopaedic Association 2009

HC Guthrie, DS Edwards, CR Fetherston, J McMaster
OCAP Deployed on Operations.
Combined Services Orthopaedic Society 2009

HC Guthrie, J Lordan, S Singh
Actinomycosis and the acute abdomen. Spontaneous rupture of hepatic abscess.
Tri-service Surgical Society 2008

CR Fetherston, HC Guthrie, I Lasrado
Anterior shoulder dislocation and axillary artery injury.
Tri-service Surgical Society 2008

HC Guthrie, A Hatrick, D Gerrard
An acute sports injury causing limb-threatening ischaemia in a 19 year-old with Popliteal Artery Entrapment Syndrome.
Tri-service Surgical Society 2006

JT Graham, C Duff, HC Guthrie
The Clinical Contribution to Post-War Reconstruction.
Surgeon General’s Conference.

Clinical Aspects of Operation Telic 2003

Peer reviewed journal publications

A Theodorides, A Williams, H Guthrie, S Church

Diagnosis and Management of Chondral Delamination Injuries of the Knee.

The Knee, June 2019: 26(3); 647-52

C Simpson, D Roscoe, S Hughes, D Hulse, H Guthrie

Surgical outcomes for Chronic Exertional Compartment Syndrome following improved diagnostic criteria.

Journal of Royal Army Medical Corps.

BMJ Military Health  Published Online First: 16 April 2019. doi: 10.1136/jramc-2019-001171

N Rehman, A Trompeter, H Guthrie, M Goddard

Heterotopic Ossification following Suprapatellar Intramedullary Nailing.

J Orthop Case Rep, 2019; 9(2): 15–17

WEC Poole, DGG Wilson, HC Guthrie, SF Bellringer, R Freeman, E Guryel, SG Nicol

‘Modern’ distal femoral locking plates allow safe, early weight-bearing with a high rate of union and low rate of failure. Five year experience from a United Kingdom Major Trauma Centre

The Bone & Joint Journal, July 2017: 99(7): 951-957

DS Edwards, HC Guthrie, S. Yousaf, M Cranley, BA Rogers, JC Clasper
Trauma-related amputations in war and at a civilian major trauma centre - comparison of care, outcome and the challenges ahead
Injury, August 2016; 47(8); 1806-1810

SF Bellringer, HC Guthrie, B Talbot, D Ricketts, B Rogers
Renal replacement therapy: implications for the surgeon
British Journal of Hospital Medicine, June 2015; 76(6): 312-315

HC Guthrie, SF Bellringer, S Nicol
Fine tuning of blocking screws in long bone nailing
Annals of Royal College of Surgeons of Eng, Apr 2015: 97(3): 240-241

HC Guthrie, KR Martin, C Taylor, AM Spear, R Whiting, S Macildowie, JC Clasper, SA Watts
A pre-clinical evaluation of Silver, Iodine and Manuka Honey based dressings in a model of traumatic extremity wounds contaminated with Staphylococcus aureus
Injury, Aug 2014; 45(8): 1171-1178

WGP Eardley, HC Guthrie
From model to molecules: The development and experimental manipulation of an in vivo contaminated extremity war wound
Journal of the Royal Army Medical Corps, Jun 2014; 160(2): 183-6

KV Brown, HC Guthrie, A Ramasamy, J Kendrew, JC Clasper
Modern Military Surgery: Lessons from Iraq and Afghanistan
Journal of Bone and Joint Surgery (British), Apr 2012; 94(4): 536-543

R Owens, N Gougoulias, H Guthrie, A Sakellariou
Morton’s neuroma: Clinical testing & imaging in 76 feet, compared to a control
Foot and Ankle Surgery, Sep 2011; 17(3): 197-200

HC Guthrie, JC Clasper, AR Kay, PJ Parker
Initial Extremity War Wound Debridement: A Multidisciplinary Consensus
Journal of the Royal Army Medical Corps, Jun 2011; 157(2): 170-175

HC Guthrie, JC Clasper
Historical Origins and Current Concepts of Wound Debridement
Journal of the Royal Army Medical Corps, Jun 2011; 157(2): 130-132

HC Guthrie, R Owens, MD Bircher
Fractures of the pelvis 
Journal of Bone and Joint Surgery (Br) Dec 2010; 92(12): 1481-1488

HC Guthrie, A Hatrick, DJ Gerrard
Traumatic Variation of Popliteal Artery Entrapment Syndrome
Journal of the Royal Army Medical Corps 2006; 152: 161-162


Z Little, HC Guthrie
Preventing intramedullary guidewire migration using an electrosurgery scratchpad
Annals of Royal College of Surgeons of Eng, May 2015: On Line 2423

HC Guthrie, M Cadogan, JT Murchison, S Paterson-Brown. 
Water-soluble contrast study predicts the need for early surgery in adhesive small bowel obstruction

British Journal of Surgery 1999, 86, 714-715


Contributor on Basic Science, ATLS, polytrauma, limb salvage and tibial fractures in:
Trauma for the FRCS (Tr&Orth) Examination.

Ed AJ Trompeter, D Elliott
Oxford University Press 2016 ISBN 9780198749059